A Backdrop for Creativity


With over 400 acres of unique landscapes, including fields, city streets and one poured concrete visual effects pad, our backlots offer every picture perfect setting.

2 acres

Special Effects Pad

No matter your vision, our special effects pad is ready to bring it to life with over two acres of poured concrete and 1800 amps of 3-phase power.

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400 acres

Woodlands & Open Space

From forests and swamps to the open fields of Wakanda, our surrounding landscapes are naturally perfect for your next biopic or blockbuster.

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city street

Brownstone Facade

For scenes that require something more urban, Office Building 109 features a brownstone facade that resembles a modern day New York City street.

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Resort Style

Solea Pool

Primed for period pieces, this on-site pool features classic Greco-Roman architecture and creates the illusion of a river overflowing its banks in an old world European village.

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[Trilith Studios] provided us with wonderful facilities to design and build the starship for Passengers.

Guy Hendrix Dyas

Academy Award Nominated Production Designer, Passengers