Designed for Flexibility, Created with Purpose

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Just steps from production sits thousands of square feet of abundant space for unlimited imaginations. Here, your production teams can comfortably get their work done, within a stone’s throw of where all the action happens.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

From individual offices to open bullpens, our flexible, furnished office spaces suit all budgets and all departments.

Two men holding camera equipment, talking.
Two men holding camera equipment, talking.

Symbiosis of Space and Story

Whether you need space to focus or a moment to daydream, our offices provide just the right balance.

Screening Room

Bring your dailies to life on the big screen with 26 seats and Dolby 7:1 surround.

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[Trilith Studios] provided us with wonderful facilities to design and build the starship for Passengers.

Guy Hendrix Dyas

Academy Award Nominated Production Designer, Passengers