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Dangling Carrot Creative

Dangling Carrot Creative provides unequaled service, quality and value to the entertainment industry, specializing in 3D Sculpting - 3D Printing - UVR Printing - Ultra High-Resolution Cityscape Images - Banners - Posters - Collateral - Backdrops - 3D Wall Carving - Stained Glass - Electrical Signs - Linoleum - Laser Cutting -Engraving - Diffusions - Decals - Duratrans - Routing - Vehicles - Wallpapers - Fine Art - Murals - Acrylic - Glass - Wood - Fabric - Metal - Foam and Flooring.

With a combined 50 Years of experience in the graphics and film industries, Dangling Carrot Creative is a graphics design and production house based in the greater Los Angeles area with satellite production facilities in the Atlanta area.

True to their name, they aim to lure, tempt and entice - offering truly great results. Their approach combines ingenuity, flair and tenacity-empowering Art Directors and Production Designers as well as Set Decorators with tools and products never before available to them. At Dangling Carrot you will get an idea-rich approach that’s a world apart from typical graphics manufacturers.

Dangling Carrot Creative offers:

• Full backdrop library of ultra-high-resolution cityscape images

• New backdrop printer providing crisp clean double-sided day/night backdrops including UVR solutions

• Linoleum printing outputs up to 16’ for custom flooring options and more…

• Full 5 and 7 Axis routing for large scale 3D sculptures, architectural pieces and life-sized 3D carvings

• Delivering out of all of our three locations for faster deliveries to you

• Increased staffing for more responsive answers, turn around times and knowledge-based solutions

• Full-color profiling across all facilities to ensure perfect color match every time at any of our locations

• Wallpaper design factory for quick full customizable wallpaper solutions

• Full printed custom signage / graphics / vehicle graphics & wraps




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